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In 1971, the San Diego Padres selected Dave as the number one draft choice in the nation out of Rice University in Houston, Texas.  He went on to play twelve years professionally, including four years in the Major League with the San Diego Padres.

Following his career in the States, Dave travelled to Japan to play for three years, where the Yakult Swallows of Tokyo won the first Japan World Series in their team history.

In addition, Dave played eight years of winter ball in Latin America, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela; and played in two Carribean Championship Series.

All totaled, Dave has played approximately 3,000 professional games.

1972-5 San Diego Padres
3 All-Star Games (AAA)
3 Silver Gloves (AAA)
2 Pacific Coast League Championships (AAA)
1 Japan World Series Champion


Since 1984, Dave has worked in professional baseball as a field manager, hitting instructor, pitching coach, and infield and baserunning coordinator.

He also served for two years as the infield and first base coach for the Milwaukee Brewers.

In addition, Dave has given instruction in other countries as a coach for Major League Baseball International, and has served as a field manager in foreign professional leagues for four years.

Besides his games played, Dave has managed or coached another 3,000 professional games (6,000 game total).

He has developed players for the following teams, perennial contenders in their baseball divisions:

Field Experience

Besides his work with major and minor league players, Dave has trained college, high school, and young players in the Phoenix, Arizona area for over twenty years.


Braves Baseball Card

In 2004, Dave worked as the
Roving Minor League Infield Instructor
for the Oakland A's.