“I have known Coach Kibler for over 20 years. I was fortunate to play for him at Horizon and be a part of the school’s 1st state championship team. As a coach, he taught me a lot about baseball, and a lot about a personal character. His approach to coaching is well thought out, and his coaching accomplishments are undeniable. I did not really get to know Coach Kibler as a man until many years later. It has been great to learn more about the values he has and his desire to help kids not only on the field but off the field as well. He wants for his players what good parents want for their kids…things like hard work, accountability, high moral character, good grades, and respect. More recently I have been able to witness him coach my own son and other players from our club baseball team. He still brings innovation, energy and a love of coaching which shows up every single time!”

Tim Holman
“I’ve been very fortunate to spend a lot of quality time around Eric Kibler. Simply put, Eric is a game and life changer. Eric knows baseball and Eric knows how to teach baseball. His passion for the game, and his ability to relate to kids is extremely impressive. But Eric’s approach goes way beyond baseball because he is able to develop the person, and not just the athlete. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be around Eric and the Arizona School of Baseball will find out quickly just how impactful he is. I know Dave Hilton would be so happy to know that his organization is now in the hands of someone who is so universally respected.”
Alan JaegerFounder, Jaeger Sports

My son was a true athlete and competitor, but he never could quite get his batting squared away. He was a low ranked hitter and mostly struck out. Queue coach Kibler. His superb batting coaching, drill assignments and perseverance helped my son develop into a premier hitter. In a very competitive traveling league there was a highly regarded tourney that my son became offensive player of the tourney… coach Kibler showed him how to excel with a patient, methodical approach and no drama or histrionics that might have shut my son down.
Thanks Coach
You have impacted lives in so many positive ways.

Jim Souder