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My name is Dave Hilton, and I have been in professional baseball, including playing and coaching in the Major Leagues, since 1971.

That is when I came out to Arizona for my first spring training, fell in love with the state and people here, met my future wife, and decided to make Arizona my home.  For over thirty years now, I have played and coached professionally, including twenty years of work in the off-season with local players here in the Phoenix area.

You see, ever since falling in love with baseball at the age of six in a small Texas town, I knew what I wanted to be - a pro ballplayer.


I wasn't that good at baseball, didn't know how to get better, and did not have much physical strength or self-confidence.

But, circumstances changed for the better when my parents (who were both teachers) decided to move to Houston.  I came into contact with good coaches there, and suddenly, my whole baseball world seemed to turn around.

They taught me how to develop my baseball skills, strengthen the muscles for my sport, and train my mind to overcome the odds against me.

I learned to play far beyond what I thought I could do.  I went on to play well in little league, high school, college and pro ball.

Of course, there were challenges and frustrations along the way, but the knowledge and support that I received from my coaches got me through.  I am always grateful when I remember them, and how they helped me.


I've always loved to learn, and now I love to learn and teach.  The training at Arizona School of Baseball is designed for you, and through this training we'll:

  • Master your pitching or hitting skills through major league teaching and training sessions.
  • Practice these skills in live field situations.
  • Raise confidence levels and strengthen mental abilities.
  • Instruct you in handling game pressures.
  • Encourage character values which improve sports performance.

Let's get started!  Please have a look at the Instruction Page, and my Professional Background.

Think about the excitement of learning, and the thrill of reaching your baseball goals.

Then give me a call.

    Dave Hilton

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