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Dave is an expert in the mechanics of pitching and hitting, individual adjustment techniques, game strategies, and mental skills training.  He has worked with hundreds of professional, college, high school, and young players, and he would like to help you in one of the following ways:


Individual Lesson Pitching, Hitting or Defense
Custom Training Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning,
Mental Strength Training™
Small Group (3-4) Pitching, Hitting or Defense
Team Instruction(12) Pitching, Hitting or Defense


Parents may attend any session, and are welcome to discuss all aspects of the training.  You may reach Dave through phone or email.


During a team instruction, Dave works under the direction of the manager or coach to customize the practice.  This may include working with the pitchers, hitters, or fielders, as the coach desires.

The instruction format may be formal or informal, yet very focused on teaching and correcting in the areas requested.  Throughout the practice, Dave will tell the manager exactly what he is doing, and why, as well as give many useful ideas on problem solving, game strategy, and practice organization.


The goal of the Arizona School of Baseball is to make a meaningful contribution to the level of excellence and sportsmanship in baseball; through quality instruction and encouragement to players, and through the sharing of this knowledge with parents and coaches.


"Dave is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of baseball.  While teammates with the Padres, we had many long discussions on the finer points of the game.  I know he can help you with your baseball career."

Bobby Valentine
Major League Manager - Texas Rangers, N. Y. Mets
ESPN Baseball Analyst

"I had Dave as a coach early in my career with the Braves.  Because he relates well with everyone, he is very good with both rookie and veteran players."

Jermaine Dye
Outfielder - Braves, Royals, A's

"I've come to know Dave recently during the 2004 season.  He wants to help you get ready to play, and he knows how to do it."

Mark Ellis
Infielder - Oakland A's

"The most enjoyable experience of my baseball life was playing for Dave as manager.  When I was in my early thirties, and playing my last couple of years, Dave's practice routines and managing style made the game fun and exciting.  I learned a lot from him.  You can too."

Paul Gonzalez
Third Baseman - Chicago White Sox
Australian Olympic Baseball Team

"I was Dave's hitting coach for one of his managing jobs.  He appreciated the work I did, and built a tremendous chemistry with the coaching staff and players.  Also, he is the best I've seen at running the game on the field."

Mark Budaska
Hitting Coach - Boston Red Sox

"I started doing lessons with Dave as a freshman, and continued through high school.  I played well there and went on to make the team at ASU, where I also had a successful career.  I loved the baseball workouts with Dave, and have many good memories of them."

Chip Gosewisch
Catcher - Horizon H. S., Arizona State University
Anaheim Angels

"Dave has trained a lot of players over the years, and whether they play pro ball or not, they all get great coaching and have a great time playing baseball."

Brandon Wood
Shortstop - Horizon H. S., Anaheim Angels

"I've known Dave since the eighth grade, when I attended one of his camps.  It was really fun, and though many years have passed by, I still appreciate his advice and insights on my career."

Curt Miaso
Outfielder - Chaparral H. S., Philadelphia Phillies

"Coach Hilton, I really appreciate how much time you gave the team and me throughout the season.  I had a great time while you were coaching, and enjoyed every minute.  You strengthened my skills in every respect, and I hope that in the future you can help me even more.  Sincerely, with thanks."

Thomas Haggarty
Center Fielder - Scottsdale Alley Cats (Pony & Babe Ruth)

"I've known Dave since the late eighties, back when fall ball was played at Hamelot, and there were only a handful of teams.  He has helped many young players, offering professional expertise along with a great perspective for the kids on their baseball goals."

Jim Teeter - President, Arizona Play Ball

"Dave, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your work with Frankie.  You have made a very positive impact on his baseball life.  You are very calm, and have a way of instilling that inner confidence in your players.  Thanks for all your help."

Dora Suppes - Parent

"Dave Hilton is an extremely patient, knowledgeable and motivating baseball coach for our three sons.  At times each son has had to work on various physical skills, as well as some mental aspects of the game.  Coach Dave focuses on sound fundamentals, and develops a step-by-step program to address each area.  It has made a huge difference in their approach to, and enjoyment of, the game of baseball!!"

Jay and Laurie McFarlane - Parents

"Dave Hilton instructs my sons in the fundamentals of baseball fielding and hitting.  David and Kyle, 11 and 9, are always excited for their lessons, and have seen much improvement in their basic skills.  Dave balances the fine line between instructing and having fun.  He has been a friend to the boys, and has a way of improving their skills while making them feel good about themselves.  He constantly reminds us that baseball should be fun.  The most successful players truly love the game."

Dave Pratt
Morning Radio Personality
Infinity Broadcasting / Phoenix